The mayor, Pepe Carrasco, and the deputy mayor for Urban Planning, Juan Luis Villalón, met this morning at City Hall with technical staff to analyze the situation in the municipality, where they have presented 21 mega projects of photovoltaic plants and 11 of wind farms. Some infrastructures, which according to the City Council, would affect not only their implantation but also by the amount of evacuation lines that would cross the term “creating a tangle of cables and establishing large electrical towers on farms of small local owners.” Therefore, Casares will participate in the demonstration convened on September 30 before the Andalusian Parliament against the massive and unplanned installation of renewable energy plants in the Andalusian countryside.

The Casares government team has demonstrated in favor of green energies but against the massive installation of renewable energy projects that can destroy the municipality. The City Council affirms that they advocate for the energy transition to be carried out in a “sustainable and planned manner with respect for territories, local economies and biodiversity, and in a way that benefits people and not large companies.”

For this reason, the Casares City Council is going to join the demonstration on September 30 at 12.00 in Seville to ask the Junta de Andalucía for a moratorium that prevents the energy transition from being carried out in a massive way. For this, the Consistory has made available a bus that will leave at 8 am on Thursday 30th from Peñón Rodao, with stops in Secadero and Costa.

With the slogans #RenewablesYesButNotSo #Moratorium, the protest is called by the Aliente Platform, which brings together 160 associations from across the country affected by the implementation of renewable energy projects.

The Casares City Council has been carrying out actions for months in the face of the avalanche of energy projects for photovoltaic and wind farms that have requested permits to establish themselves in the municipality. On the one hand, an innovation in the urban planning regulations of Casares was approved in plenary session last June, which entails the suspension of licenses for a period of one year, in order to organize the territory and delimit the areas in which the it may allow the implementation of these renewable energy plants.

In August, a meeting was held with the owners affected by the Esparragal-Jordana evacuation line, and they have been supported to present allegations regarding the request for the declaration of public utility of this infrastructure. And the City Council continues with its allegation processes.

On the other hand, the mayor has held meetings with the Junta de Andalucía, together with other town councils in the area, to demand a moratorium on these projects and the regulation of their implementation throughout the Andalusian territory.

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