Through the Green Globe consultancy, the first steps are being taken to collect local data and achieve the objectives set. It is about making a municipality more sustainable, taking into account greenhouse gas emissions, energy savings and a greater use of renewable energies.

Now they have begun to take the first steps, with a meeting of technical staff and political leaders, to begin to collect concrete data from the municipality in order to be able to make a tailor-made plan for Casares, which is realistic and can be carried out. practice. This phase of analysis begins by collecting data on energy efficiency of municipal buildings, on the mobile fleet, analyzing the municipality’s greenhouse gas emissions, studying mobility, etc.

From there, there will be a local approach adapted to Casares, focusing on three key points: on the one hand, the reduction of CO2 emissions, on the other, energy savings and, finally, implementing a greater use of renewable energies.

Based on the collection of these data, the Green Globe consultancy will develop a very practical roadmap that reflects the actions, objectives, timeframes and budget to be carried out.

A study in which you want to have the opinion of all the groups involved, for which a meeting is scheduled for next Thursday, September 23.

According to the Junta de Andalucía in Decree 8/2018, Andalusian municipalities are obliged to carry out this plan by 2030. The Casares City Council wants to anticipate these deadlines, reaffirming its commitment to sustainability. At this time, the City Council is attached to the Covenant of mayors for the environment, committing itself to the achievement of specific objectives. As Noelia Rodríguez, Councilor for the Environment, points out, steps have already been taken, such as changing the entire public lighting fixture for Led lights. Now we want to be more ambitious and reach a commitment to reduce emissions of polluting gases by 40%, for which the involvement of all is needed.

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