Casares City Council will make available to schools all the necessary resources to implement a specific program on equality and diversity. The intention is to work throughout the entire school year, and not only focus on anniversaries such as 25N or 8M.

The councilor for the area, Chelu Herrara, explained that one of the main objectives of this program is the training of the teaching staff to know how to eliminate the micro-machismos that we all have inculcated from the classroom and provide the necessary tools to know how to act in case of having an LGBTI student in a class.

A program that will be supervised at all times by the management of the center and that comes to complement everything that is already done in collaboration with the City Council such as the Family School and the Health Week.

In the first meeting, CEIP Blas Infante was given a copy of the I Municipal Equality Plan that will be presented to the public shortly. In the next few days, the same meeting will be held with CEIP Los Almendros.

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