The Cats and Friends Association precise of volunteers to control the different stray feline colonies that inhabit the avenues of Casares.

The team of this association, which has been operating in the town since 2018, contributing flawless results, implements the protocol CES (Capture-Sterilization-Release), in order to solve the various problems that cause the uncontrolled growth of the cat colonies, but always respecting the animals, without completely ending their existence. Apart from the CES protocol, the collaborators will be in charge of feed the felines with dry feed and water and properly clean them.

For a few months, the association has witnessed a slowdown of their program, so they have decided to open their doors to welcome all those who have free time and that they love these animals so that collaborate in the project.

Prospective AGYA volunteers can contact with the association through the telephone provided, in the name of Margarita, 651 30 74 56.

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