The Workers’ Commissions union (CC.OO) has denounced the City Council of Marbella before the Labor Inspection for the second time for allowing the realization of tasks in the facilities of the municipal stadium Antonio Lorenzo Cuevaswhich was closed last May due to the detachment of rubble inside the facilities.

As the union criticized this Wednesday, the Consistory has allowed the activity Despite the occurrence of these landslides and without addressing the diligences carried out by the Labor Inspection service itselfmade on June 17, 2021.

CC.OO qualifies as “strange that they continue to provide services on the premises after announcement at the end of May 2021 of the closure of the Municipal Stadium, carried out by the mayor herself, Ángeles Muñoz”.

In this sense, they have recalled that the councilor “announced the temporary suspension of the activity of associations and services located on the ground floor of the facilities and the contracting by emergency route of some technical studies to know the state of the structure and the equipment of the Stadium”.

For this reason, from CCOO they have indicated that on June 9 they requested the reports that guarantee “serious and imminent risk”, which meant eviction of some groupsbut nevertheless “the Operational Services of the Sports Delegation are allowed to continue working with the consequent risk to their physical health.”

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