The Workers Commissions union (CCOO) has denounced this Friday the “serious deficiencies” presented by the clean point of Marbellalocated on Carbón street in the La Ermita industrial estate, ensuring that municipal employees carry out “their physiological needs in plastic bags in any corner of the facilities due to the lack of bathrooms.

Thus, from the group they have indicated that they have already made this situation known “repeatedly over time before the Labor and Social Security Inspection”.

The companions are carrying out their physiological needs in plastic bags in any corner of the facilities, due to the lack of bathrooms for it”, they have criticized from CCOO, emphasizing that “these deficiencies are prolonged in time and to date no solutions are proposed”.

In this way, from the union they have highlighted that “the current facilities do not meet the minimum safety conditions and dignity of a workplace, which involves non-compliance with current legislation, a situation included in the previous reports on risk prevention and occupational health.

“The lack of response from the political leaders of the City Council Given this unfortunate situation of a public service, it is not consistent with their activity when carrying out campaigns on social responsibility, requesting citizen collaboration in the selective collection of waste to give a good image in environmental matters”, they have criticized.

From CCOO they have remarked that “a pfair share in third world working conditions as the facilities do not meet the minimum conditions for their use, both for own citizens and for the workers themselves of the Town Hall of Marbella”.

Thus, from the collective they demand immediate measures to put an end to the very serious deficiencies of the Carbón street clean point, which as an essential public service for the citizens of Marbella must be managed properly and in decent and healthy conditions, and that in no case the current abandonment of the same by the City Council is cause for its privatization.

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