The CCOO union has denounced the Marbella City Council before the Labor Inspection for allegedly failing to comply “legislation on safety and health at work, Due to the lack of “Individual Protection Equipment (PPE)” of the municipal workforce for lacking the necessary training, as reported on Tuesday by the head of occupational health at the FSC of the CCOO of Malaga, Enrique Moyano.

Thus, he has ensured that “this Consistory idoes not comply with the legislation on safety and health at work, and also ignores the rrequirements of the Labor Inspection itself and its own municipal prevention service”.

Specifically, he has detailed that this week the complaint that the CCOO is going to present is due to the “fhigh training and information on risks related to the andwork teams for the entire municipal workforce, which is about 3,500 people”.

In this regard, Moyano has criticized that “it is very serious lack of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)” and has ensured that “the circumstance occurs that at personal that uses certain street cleaning tools such equipment as blowers and cutters are not provided with such equipment because they are not authorized or trained for its use, despite having to use it daily even without proper training”.

According to current legislation, the The company must guarantee that each worker Receive the Sufficient theoretical and practical training and adequate in preventive matters, assuring that so far this year the union has filed four complaints with said administration.

On the other hand, the union representative added that “practically there is no maintenance of the air conditioning equipment in rooms with insufficient ventilation and air conditioning, which is why the CCOO has recently put a complaint to the Labor Inspectorate”.

“It is unacceptable that a City Council like the one in Marbella, with its importance and budget, do not plan to maintain air conditioning equipmentwhich shows a absolute lack of control in terms of prevention of occupational hazards”, he assessed.

In addition, Moyano has stated that “this situation worsens during the summer months due to weather conditions, and worsens even more the service offered to citizens with the addition of the effects that still persist from Covid-19 ”.

“All these non-compliances have been prolonged over time, so that Health and safety in municipal workplaces is not guaranteedas stated in RD 486/97 on minimum health and safety provisions in workplaces”, he concluded.

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