The Comisiones Obreras union (CCOO) will continue to demand and mobilize this Friday so that the Junta de Andalucía promotes leisure residences and offers citizens a public service of the highest quality, with stable employment and with rights, for which it requests open the Marbella residence all year round and criticizes its state of “abandonment”, as reported by the organization.

CCOO considers that the Marbella Leisure Residence It has unbeatable conditions to provide service all year round, allowing people with less financial means to enjoy privileged facilities at low cost, as well as allowing other types of uses such as holding sporting events, congresses, training, etc.

The union considers that “the abandonment and lack of use of the Marbella residence is not accidental, but rather a political decision of the Junta de Andalucía, with the perspective of the privatization of it.

the union is coming participating in mobilizationstogether with the rest of the unions present in the company committee of the Territorial Delegation of Employment, Company and Self-Employment, in which this Residence is part, claiming the increase in the opening period, the quality of the service through investments and stable employment, without the Junta de Andalucía having taken it as an allusion to date.

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