The City Council has renewed the sports sponsorship of CD Vázquez Cultural and Marbella Paraíso CF with a total endowment of 25,000 euros For this season.

In the case of CD Vázquez Cultural, the amount is 15,000 euros for Youth in the Honor Division and is pending to receive another contribution from the Junior Brand line, they have also advanced that it is planned that a last generation marker will be installed in their field and another series of improvements to the equipment will be carried out.

About Marbella Paraíso CF, the person in charge of the area, Manuel Cardeña has detailed that the sponsorship amounts to 10,000 euros per year for the children’s team qEU is in the autonomous category. In addition, they will also be able to have new offices in their facilities and the replacement of the artificial grass on their field is being finalized, where a new scoreboard will also be placed and the changing rooms will be renewed.

Cardeña, who has been accompanied by the president of CD Vázquez Cultural, Andrés Sánchez, and the representative of Marbella Paraíso CF, David arocha, you have specified that Marbella brandsupports the teams in both cases that are in the highest category and their amount is set annually until fiscal year 2023”.

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