«Get everyone back together» It is the essence of the great Global Gift Foundation Gala that was held last night at the Marbella Arena in Puerto Banús. Textual words of María Bravo, the creator of this association that helps the most needy children all over the world, raising funds to donate to those who are in a situation of vulnerability or at risk of social exclusion. Celebrities like Luis Fonsi or Amaury Nolasco They have also joined this beautiful challenge to help with everything necessary, being key pieces in their passage through the red carpet for their dedication and predisposition in this solidarity project. «Children are the protagonists and Global Gift. I am happy to be able to accompany you and to be able to help through my music and continue collaborating with Maria. Being able to be here in Marbella is a blessing; I love Spain and I love this city. Happy to be at one more gala and there is much more to do, so little by little, little by little, “the Latin singer, Luis Fonsi, commented to the Costa del Sol Area camera.

The Marbella Arena Auditorium was the setting for the new edition of the foundation’s gala that began at 8:00 p.m. with the presentation of celebrities and guests through the red carpet, all of them with a clear objective: raise funds to allocate them to the Casa Ángeles de Marbella, which opened its doors on July 1 to serve more than 200 children with special needs. «It is the ninth edition that we are doing and it is a very endearing moment for the entire Gobal Gift family, because we unite after a pandemic and the needs that are everywhere, and celebrate what life is and that we can do a lot more for these kids. I’m excited “, declared María Bravo, with tears in her eyes accompanied by a big smile.

Sequin dresses, glitter, jacket suits, bow ties … A first class gala in which smiles and hugs melted before the start of the big night for the children, who were also arriving to enjoy an amazing and full event of surprises. Who also did not lose his smile during the gala was the actor Amaury Nolasco, known for his role in different television series such as the legendary Prison Break, where he acted as Fernando Sucre: «We are here to support María and for the beautiful cause. We should all learn from this as it is one of the reasons we are here to help. I had the opportunity yesterday to see the Casa Ángeles and to know the fruit that is being achieved. It goes to infinity with this. Let’s raise much needed money for these kids«.

Those children and those young people who have had to live various situations and that have led them to receive help from the foundation to achieve a better life. This is the case of Sara Almagro, whose arms and legs were amputated three years ago: «I am a clear example. Three years ago I lost my hands and feet and one of the reasons I’m here is thanks to Global Gift who supported my cause. Life has given me a 360 degree turn and being here today with these people is amazing for me ».

A wide range of artists, led by Luis Fonsi, Amaury Nolasco, Gary Dourdan and Sacha Jafri filled this great charity event with rhythm and musicality last night, which was also attended by celebrities such as Tallia Storm, Angélica de la Riva and Lorena Medina. and who accompanied Andre Abdoune, Juan Manuel Barrientos and Barry Skolnick in the delivery of awards for their humanitarian work.

A more solidarity plan promoted by Global Gift with the support of the Marbella City Council, local entrepreneurs and projects that are also launched into the pool to help in whatever way they can, as is the case with eGoGames, which consists of playing video games through your mobile phone while you are contributing to a charitable cause, in this case, to help the foundation, and that he held a live tournament during the gala with the same purpose of raising funds.

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