It usually happens that when grilled meats are mixed with modern and appropriate textures and flavors, a grill seems like something else, than when a kebab is assembled, cooked and cut in an artisanal way and taking into account the bread, the sauces and the cooking point. the food in which it will be, tastes absolutely different. And so with everything. When Danny Garcia opened the restaurants Firewood in Marbella Y Madrid he had just given up his three Michelin stars to give his culinary commitment another nuance, another way of being. He proposed a cuisine with less fanfare, but aimed at a demanding public that responded with expectation at first and with pleasure now. He puts it in the letter: “We like to play with fire, that’s why we come to give firewood!”. The play on words is not the most elaborate but it is true that fun is part of Dani García’s kitchen and on this occasion, he has won.

And it is that Leña Marbella has not only been included in an annual list of prestigious restaurants dedicated to meat in the world, the World’s 101 Best Steak, is also receiving the affection of the public and good treatment from culinary critics as the little story (it opened in 2020 and started even with the present confinement) of the restaurant progresses. Booking at them is possible, although not easy, and both the Marbella venue and the one that has opened in Madrid with the same name have received continuous praise for their food and the audacity of their dishes and also for their staging and decoration of the local. In fact, it has also been awarded prizes for the design of the Marbella restaurant that has been replicated in Madrid. The reverse path to the one followed by the proposal Dabiz Muñoz’s GoXO, which arrives in Marbella this summer. The period of study of the situation and execution of the project that was born on the stage that gave it the three Michelin stars works.

In addition, one of his award-winning creations in that haute cuisine restaurant is the base of the hamburger that can be seen on the Leña Marbella menu. Accessible to the pockets of the general public, with careful cooking and almost traditional preparation. This is the proposal that not only has selected meats from around the world and the best national production, you can also eat grilled sea bass or roasted salmon loin. The lobster is part of the surf & turf and it is served with Café de Paris sauce and beef tenderloin with mashed potatoes and its juice.

Regarding the starters, García has selected avocados and other products from Malaga that are part of Leña. A selection of seven vegetable starters to which you can add some of the starters prepared on the grill, such as ratatouille with fried quail egg. So, with this panorama, it can be said that Dani García has found the perfect way to play with fire without getting burned and among his plans is to continue expanding his culinary proposals. Dubai and Miami will be the next bets of the Andalusian chef for the landing of Leña. Two publics different from the Spanish in many aspects, but García already knows what it means to adapt to international cuisine and, in addition, Leña’s menu has nuances, mixtures and ideas taken from remote places (or not so much) from all over the planet. They will be the next steps in the particular ascent of the chef from Malaga.

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