Came a great distribution of millions for Malaga with the Christmas Lottery draw of this 2021.

More than 10 million euros thank you the fourth fifth prize, the 69457.

It has been sold in its entirety in San Pedro Alcántara, on Calle Marqués del Duero 23, at Caritas, which means that Caritas has distributed 10,320,000 euros in prizes

In this category the vvalue of the series is 60,000 euros. That is, 6,000 euros per tenth and 300 per euro played in the draw.

Malaga capital has also been graced with the third fifth of the draw of the Christmas lottery. The 26711 has been the third fifth of the draw, of which they have been sold 10 tenths in the capital, distributing 60,000 euros.

And also with the fourth fifth, 24198, of which 10 tenths have been sold in the capital, in El Gato Negro, distributing 60,000 euros.

Room 42833 also leaves 60,000 euros

This number has been the second of the draw with which the province has been awarded, the first has been the room 42833, of which 3 tenths have been sold in the province, also distributing 60,000 euros.

Torre del Mar, Málaga and Benalmádena have become the first provincial towns awarded in the draw for the Christmas lottery of this 2021 thanks to this fourth award.

The traditional draw of the Christmas lottery that is celebrated this Tuesday, December 22, has been a sales record in the province of Malaga.

The sales finally increased by 27.63% in the province of Malaga compared to 2020, with an average expenditure per inhabitant of 53.71 euros in this search for luck for El Gordo, according to data provided by Loterías y Apuestas del Estado. If we compare it with 2019, just before the pandemic, the increase in sales is 9.1%.

In total in the province they have been sold 90,558,120 euros in Christmas Lottery.

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