Cinesa will close its doors next December in the La Cañada shopping center in Marbella after more than 20 years of cinematographic projections, a decision that was adopted after expire the lease and not reaching an agreement with the property, according to the manager of the commercial space, Francisco Javier Moreno.

As indicated, “the contract has not been renewed” after its completion within the framework of the negotiations “by both parties”, since it has ensured that from the shopping center “was made a counteroffer and said no.”

“The contract has ended and we have decided put up a 21st century cinema and take away one from the 19th”, Moreno has remarked, who pointed out that the rooms and sofas of Cinesa “were 26 years old” and “did not have the latest projector”. “You have to go with the times and the public demands the latest and the best” and “The evolution of technology is brutal and now Cinesa did not have it”, he stressed.

The manager of the shopping center has pointed out that despite unite “a personal friendship” with the companyin business it is not like that, since “a fund bought it, then another fund and there came a time when Cinesa is no longer Cinesa, it is China or an investment fund that the only thing he wants is to save costs at all costs by reducing quality”.

In this sense, he pointed out that in the group’s cinemas “there are no movies with subtitles in Marbella, which is an atrocity, does not have the latest releases due to internal problems and the rooms haven’t been touched for years”lamented Moreno, who has assessed that “it seems that we are in the 19th century” when compared with other facilities in the province.

In this way, it has advanced that the shopping center has signed a contract with the “Swedish multinational Kinepolis”, which will begin operating in La Cañada from January 2023, the date on which the “the delivery of the premises and the works”.

Regarding the future operator, he pointed out that will maintain “the same number of rooms because we cannot expand, but we can make them more modern, make the environment more comfortable and more pleasant, and above all, implement the latest technology, which is something basic especially in a cinema”.

Moreno has pointed out that Cinesa “has the same concept and design as 26 years ago”, something that “is not acceptable”; while the new operator is “more modern and willing to invest”, so from the commercial space they have opted for this “new stage”.

Kinepolis published on August 11 on its website that it has closed “a lease agreement with the real estate company General de Galerías Comerciales to take over the operation of two Spanish cinemas, one in Mataró (Barcelona) and the other in Marbella, in the successful La Cañada shopping center”, noting that both “operate in markets with high purchasing power and product demand premium”.

The Mataró cinema is in the matar malleither Park and has 12 rooms and 2,916 seats, which “received around 600,000 visitors in 2019” and that Kinepolis will operate from November 3, 2022.

The Marbella cinema is in the La Cañada shopping center and has “8 screens and 1,610 seats”, receiving “around 350,000 visitors in 2019, on which the company has indicated that will operate the cinema from November 7 of 2022.

After the acquisition, “Kinépolis plans to introduce his concepts premium What laser projection, premium seats and the megacandy concept in both theaters.

Eddy Duquenne, CEO of Kinepolis Group stated that “With the acquisition of these two cinemas, we are resuming our expansion strategy cautiously”, pointing out that “the conditions of the acquisition and the potential of both sites will allow us to create value both for film enthusiasts and for Kinepolis”.

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