The Andalusian Center for Comprehensive Training of the Mijas Leisure Industries (CIO Mijas), will offer this year a total of 17 training courses with 255 places, a period that the Board faces with the aim of develop the certificate of professionalism in tourist entertainmentas highlighted by the Minister of Employment, Training and Self-Employment, Rocío Blanco.

The CIO was declared last February as a National Reference Center for Vocational Training, which implies “demonstrate the quality of the training that is being provided in these public centers and places Andalusia as one of excellence for the qualification of professionals from all over Spain in hospitality and tourism”, the regional manager has valued. The Costa del Sol will thus have a space in which “innovative and experimental training actions are taught and designed”.

The start-up of this benchmark center is the first step in developing the lines established by the new catalogue, for which the Social Council, in which they will participate Ministry of Education, SEPE and the autonomous communityin addition to the most important business and trade union organizations in the sector”, said Blanco.

Among the functions of this body, the counselor has detailed that its purpose is “the approval of the multiannual programming, where we will determine the actions in terms of innovation and research that we are going to develop”. In addition, the Board’s desire to “study and develop the certificate of professionalism in tourist entertainmentwhich does not currently exist.

On the other hand, the staffing is presented as one of the main needs to start, highlighting “the figure of a direction, which we are already looking for”, White has indicated, who has pointed to the convenience of “start with at least 6 positions, in addition to management”, assuring that “we have already begun to conduct interviews.”

The CIO programming for this year contemplates the development of 17 courses, with a budget of 462,611.92 euros, which “will allow 255 people to specialize in different areas of hospitality and tourism.” In this way, the regional manager has indicated that training will be given related to specialties ranging from “sommelier, basic restaurant and bar operations, vegetarian or celiac cuisine or cutting and tasting ham to the reception, customer service in hospitality and other more transversal ones such as food safety, professional English, German or key skills”, among others.

On course scheduleBlanco has indicated that “several of them are in the process of bidding and others in the process of attracting students”, highlighting that the first to be taught will be the “reception in accommodation”, which will begin on March 31.

This training will be complemented with other types of activities that will make the center more attractive, which is why it is planning to “kick off the starting gun with a meeting with professionals from the sector from all over Spain so that they know the CIO Mijas as a national reference center” and they will show cooking together with companies that usually work with us in the Hospitality Schools of the Andalusian Employment Service (SAE) with local products such as goat, raisins or olives”. “Specific workshops will also be organized to continue training active professionals in the sector, and of course, those just starting out,” he detailed.

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