The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, stressed that the completion of the works of the new health center in San Pedro Alcántara, announced today by the Minister of the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía, Elías Bendodo, “responds to a historic health demand ”. Both leaders have visited the facilities today, which will be equipped “immediately” to make them available to residents before the end of this year, as indicated. The councilor, who stated that “today is a day long awaited by both citizens and health professionals”, thanked the involvement and effort of all those who have made possible the execution of some “long-awaited” work. “It has been arduous, because we have faced all kinds of obstacles, but it is good news that they have been solved and this infrastructure is a reality,” he stressed.

The first mayor also explained that “I had the opportunity to inaugurate the previous health center and from the beginning we realized that it was going to be small in size in a short time, as it was, and that if we wanted to continue expanding the portfolio of services was impossible in the space of around 1,000 existing square meters ”. He has indicated that the current building consists of 5,500 square meters, which adapts to what was being demanded, “within a first-class health center.” In the same way, he recalled that, before arriving at the local government from the Popular Party, a campaign to collect signatures was launched in 2003, obtaining more than 6,000, to request these infrastructures from the former socialist Executive, essential to provide quality service to a population of 40,000 people. Therefore, today he thanked the Minister of the Presidency for the involvement, as well as the Ministry and the Health delegation in Malaga, and stressed that “it is a pride to be able to put an end to what was a just claim.”

For his part, Bendodo has abounded that the Junta de Andalucía has invested five million euros in the new health center, “after 15 years of waiting that the neighbors had since the first agreement for this purpose was signed” and has abounded that ” It has been this Government of change that has given it the definitive impulse so that today we can be announcing the completion of the work ”. He has ensured that “with this infrastructure we make a qualitative and quantitative leap”, having “a modern center with new portfolios and spaces”. In this sense, it has detailed which new center has 13 more medical consultations, going from the previous eleven to the current 24; pediatric consultations also add two stays, up to 6; while the new building also includes 13 nursing consultations, ten more than those in the other building. Among other improvements, the residents of San Pedro de Alcántara will have two minor surgery rooms, another maternal, one more from EGC / TS, as well as another from dentistry, training or mammography, services that this center did not provide before. Among other novelties, the new health center expands a room for vaccines / laboratory, another for meetings, an office, two changing rooms and also increases the warehouse areas. The maternal-infant area would also be differentiated from the rest of the health center, with an independent entrance on the ground floor and, on the other hand, a parking lot and loading and unloading area are incorporated.

Within the commitment of the Andalusian Government in health matters, in the case of Marbella Bendodo recalled that the expansion of the Costa del Sol Hospital will also be carried out, with a planned investment of 51 million euros, and the reforms of the centers from Leganitos and Las Albarizas (1.5 million).

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