The Marbella City Council is undertaking the comprehensive remodeling of the Jacaranda de Las Chapas avenue to guarantee road safety and improve the surrounding facilities. The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, today visited the performance together with the councilor for the branch, Diego López, and the district delegate, Carlos Alcalá, and stressed that “it is a work that is part of the Urbanization Conservation Plan and was very demanded because it is a very busy road, not only because it is one of the main public accesses to the beach of El Alicate, but because it is located at the confluence of the Las Chapas school, where more than 600 schoolchildren attend daily, and in a residential nucleus area ”.

The project has an expected lead time of three months and it contemplates the creation of more than 800 linear meters of sidewalk and almost two kilometers of pavement on both sides, by means of curbs that will rise 12 centimeters above the road, and white-colored concrete pavement.

In addition, the central road will be divided into a strip of parking in line and a lane in one direction, and the channeling of 1,800 meters of lighting and the installation of 90 manholes will also be carried out.

“We have reached an agreement with the school to carry out the asphalting of the northern area during the month of December, not to coincide with the school year, which will give more security to access to the center,” said the mayor, at the same time which has highlighted that they continue to respond to the needs of Las Chapas, where only during 2021 they have carried out 110 performances and 9 major works “To create new infrastructures that improve the quality of life of citizens.”

For his part, the president of the Las Chapas neighborhood community, Rodrigo de Torres, pointed out that it was a very important work as it was a busy avenue that had accessibility problems and “that now is going to be much more passable, both for residents and visitors ”.

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