‘Condena’, a three-episode miniseries, stars Sean Bean (‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Lord of the Rings’, ‘Ronin’) and Stephen Graham (‘Line of Duty’, ‘Virtues’).

This prison drama talks about guilt and principles and delves into the intricacies of the British prison system from the two sides of the same reality: that of a man who begins his sentence, a prisoner consumed by guilt, and that of one of prison officials, an officer who will face an impossible choice. What will they need to survive?

Created by Jimmy McGovern, Writer of other successful fictions such as’ Broken ‘and’ Accused ‘- starring Sean Bean -‘ Moving On ‘,’ Banished ‘, The Street’, ‘Cracker’, ‘Brookside’ … and of the films’ Reg ‘(2016 ) and ‘Anthony’ (2020).

In the cast, moreover, Siobhan Finneran (‘Happy Valley’, ‘A Confession’, ‘Downton Abbey’).


Before entering jail, Mark Cobden (Sean Bean) he was an ordinary and respectable citizen, father of a family, and teacher. His life changes radically when he runs over and kills a man for driving under the influence of alcohol and is sentenced to four years in prison. Racked with guilt, Mark is suddenly plunged into an unknown and hostile world, making himself an easy target for the most violent and dangerous inmates.

There he is placed under the tutelage of Eric McNelly (Stephen Graham) a veteran prison official in charge of the protection and management of various groups of prisoners. Although he has a firm hand and authority, McNelly does his job honestly and seeks to help prisoners with whatever they need on a daily basis. Eric is forced to question his principles when several convicts begin to blackmail him and threaten to harm his son, incarcerated in another prison, if he does not cooperate.

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