The containers on the Costa del Sol already show the QR code with which you can access Reccyclopedia, the waste search engine of the environmental information portal, initiative of the Urban Solid Waste (MSW) delegation of the Association of Municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol, and the company Urbaser SA

Reccyclopedia is a cross-platform web search engine that aims to become the largest waste inventory on the Internet to help separate and recycle. Its operation, inspired by the search engine Google, It is very simple; simply enter the name of the waste and show how it must be separated for proper recycling.

Users can access the Reciclopedia by scanning with their mobile phones the QR code placed in the containers. They can also access the tool from any device with an Internet connection, through the link

For the moment Reccyclopedia offers a inventory of nearly 400 waste, although this figure increases as users make inquiries and the article is not registered. The Costa del Sol Environmental Complex receives the request and incorporates the new waste into the search engine within 24 hours.

The RSU delegate of the Commonwealth, Juan Luis Villalon, explains that with this new phase of placing QR codes on containers “we want to extend and popularize the use of Reciclopedia as a useful tool for recycling.” In total, some 10,000 codes in the containers of the joint municipalities.

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