The Infoca extinction department has taken the Sierra Bermeja forest fire under control, declared last Wednesday and which affects several municipalities in Malaga.

This has been indicated by the Infoca Plan and has communicated the president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, who added: “The rain that has been falling for hours has been the best ally of the intense and admirable work of the checkpoints,” he wrote in a message on Twitter, consulted by Europa Press.

Moreno has therefore added that level 0 is activated. “Now there is a complex phase until its extinction”, he has written in the message, in which he also gives encouragement.

The work of the troops fighting the fire allowed since last night the residents of the municipalities of Jubrique, Faraján, Júzcar, Alpandeire and Pujerra, who had to be evacuated last Sunday in a preventive way due to the fire, could be returning their houses.

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