After four days of incessant work, the Forest fire originated last Friday in the Sierra de Mijas has remained checked This Tuesday around 11:30 a.m., as reported by Plan Info on Twitter.

The flames have burned, in total, some 1,870 hectares belonging to the municipalities of Mijas, Alhaurín el Grande and Alhaurín De la Torre, according to the latest update. The vast majority are forest land, although there have been 100 hectares that were not of this type.

Infoca experts gave on Sunday, at 19:30, the fire in the Sierra de Mijas by stabilized after carrying out a reconnaissance flight over the area and the emergency level going to register zero. Although, it remained to control it in order to extinguish it. For this reason, tonight a total of 100 forest firefighters, two operations technicians, an environmental agent, three fire engines, a Medical Unit and a Mobile Meteorology and Transmission Unit have been working on the ground.

It should be remembered that more than 3,000 people were evacuated as a result of the fire. In Alhaurín el Grande, evictions occurred in the areas of Ardalejo, Buenavista, San Jorge, La Chicharra and the upper part of Doña Paca. In the case of Alhaurín De la Torre, preventive evictions took place in Jaraplos, Pinos de Alhaurín, Lauro Golf and Comendador Alto.

Origin: negligence or intentional

As for the origin of this fire, the counselor of AgricultureFisheries and Sustainable Development, Carmen Crespo, affirms that all the indications point to the fact that the forest fire that broke out in the El Higuerón area of ​​the Sierra de Mijas, and which later spread to Alhaurin de la Torre Y Alhaurin the Great, it was not due to natural causes.

Thus, he explains that the investigation carried out by the Forest Fire Investigation Brigade (BIIF) indicates that it was not due to natural causes, so that it is being investigated whether “is it intentional or negligent“.

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