A call to clean up the Las Albarizas neighborhood in Marbella has ended in a crossing of complaints between the Local Police and an environmentalist and a report of injuries to his neck after previously reproach the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, for the “abandonment” of the neighborhood.

The events took place last Tuesday between 11:00 and 11:30 in the Arroyo Primero Avenue, where the activist Salvador Díaz was making an “appeal” to the neighbors to carry out a neighborhood cleanup next Sunday, which he usually undertakes with the group ‘Acción por el clima Marbella’, of which he is a member.

According to the complaint, to which this newspaper has had access, he was in the neighborhood “with a megaphone” to encourage residents to participate and “he sees that the mayor arrives at the Civic Center of Las Albarizas” and “take the opportunity to address it by use of megaphone that he carries to reproach him for the abandonment to which the neighborhood is subjected”.

“About 20 minutes later” in another area of ​​Las Albarizas a man “calls him and makes the gesture of pounce”, to which Díaz “reacts trying to flee thinking that someone in the neighborhood wanted to rob or assault him”, which “asks him for documentation”, “grabs him and throws him against a wall, hitting him against it” and says “he is a police officer”, according to the complaint.

The document indicates that the man “snatches the megaphone from him and throws it on the ground breaking it in various parts” and another appears claiming to be “police” who “asks for the documentation”, who “delivers without much opposition”. After asking the complainant to take “a photo with the megaphone” to record the damage and take out his mobile phone, the first male “He grabs him by the neck and throws him against the wall again. to stop me from taking photos.

The broken status of the megaphone after the event.

The broken status of the megaphone after the event.




Later, the environmentalist went to the Leganitos health center, where a part of “injuries” that marks as its cause a “physical aggression”, indicating the document that Díaz presents “ecchymosis on the anterior aspect of the neck without “pain or other signs”.

For its part, the Marbella City Council has indicated that on the part of the activist there is “a Violation of the regulatory ordinance of citizen coexistence in public spaces and disobedience and resistance to agents of the authority in the exercise of its functions, as well as an act for infraction due to lack of respect and disregard” to them, which has declined in a complaint.

As indicated by the Consistory, “apparently they receive a call for alteration of citizen coexistence in the area of ​​Las Albarizas because a person was bothering with a megaphone in the area”, so “the agents, in plain clothes, locate the individual and at the moment they approach him take flight”.

According to the municipal report, “they yell at him to stop identifying himself as a police officer, but he ignores it” and “when they catch up with him, the individual pushes one of the officers and shows a hostile attitude, so is finally reduced”.

In addition, the City Council has highlighted that He refuses to identify himself on two occasions. and assures that he fled because he thought they were drug addicts with the intention of robbing him”, assuring that “in the struggle against the resistance offered by the accused, he caused the breaking of the megaphone.

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