The Independent Trade Union and Officials Central (CSIF) has demanded that the Ministry of Justice, Local Administration and Public Function extend the reinforcements of the guards of the coastal courts to the whole year and not be limited only to periods of three or six months , coinciding with the summer season.

The president of the CSIF-A Justice Sector, Manuel Moreno, has
explained this Friday through a statement that it is “urgent to maintain the extension of the shifts to respond to the increase in the workload experienced by the duty courts due to the
increase in the floating population in the summer or drug trafficking, among other reasons, and that continues months later.

Moreno has warned that the reinforcements in nine of the 20 towns where they are already applied have ended this week and the rest will end on December 31. In this way, from that date until the month of July arrives again, none of these courts will be reinforced, so “we demand an extension to the whole year since the needs do not disappear when the budget that has been stingily arranged by the

The CSIF-A Justice sector recalls that for years they have been
Requesting that this reinforcement measure be established continuously throughout the year in those judicial districts whose guard service shows a workload that continues to be unaffordable after the summer.

In this sense, Moreno regrets that the Administration of Justice “has not yet put solutions to this repeated claim by the union and that the courts do not have a well-sized workforce to provide the guard service.”

As an example of the most urgent cases where it is necessary to act with personnel reinforcements, the union leader has highlighted the judicial districts of Algeciras or La Línea in Campo de Gibraltar (Cádiz), those of Marbella, Estepona, Fuengirola or Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol (Málaga), which need to continue to have a full staff to provide a quality guard service corresponding to the large volume of users they have.

“Only drug trafficking and organized crime makes the numbers of these courts multiply and not only in terms of detainees, but also many urgent proceedings from the Central Courts of the National Court, as well as records, many of them simultaneous and urgent declarations”, explained Moreno.

To these last situations in the courts, there are added the cases that
Unfortunately, they continue to increase related to gender-based violence, signatures of defendants on provisional release, and the complaints, testimonies, and interrogations of this service, which are recorded in a greater proportion in areas with a much higher population density than is recognized. .

This increase in efforts means that the officials on duty “are overwhelmed”, for which CSIF criticizes as “irresponsibility on the part of the Administration that looks the other way and reinforcements are not maintained throughout the year” .

From the trade union center they trust that the new Minister of Justice, José Antonio Nieto, will react and be consistent with the situation denounced by the trade union center and guarantee the maintenance of the measure in the judicial districts as soon as possible. In this sense, CSIF-A has requested the urgent call of the
negotiation to determine in which bodies the reinforcement of the guards should be maintained as of January 1, 2023.

Moreno recalled that “now that the Administration is immersed in the preparation of its budgets and needs, it is the best time to include enough budget items to allow the reinforcements in the guards to be extended throughout the year.”

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