The Central Trade Union Independent and Civil Servants (CSIF), the most representative union in public administrations and with a growing presence in the private sector, warned yesterday of the “deplorable state of many of the judicial infrastructures in municipalities of the Costa del Sol and the lack of initiative of the Board to solve these problems ”, so demands that the Andalusian Administration “be diligent and dignify these spaces”.

The collective has made this request after the opening on Monday, September 6, of the judicial year 2021-2022, for which the union has compiled the main deficiencies and shortcomings detected What sites with roach and rat infestations or a plant located above a septic tank, in addition to the old problem of lack of space and overcrowding, with the risk that this poses in the middle of a pandemic.

For this reason, CSIF urges the General Directorate of Judicial Infrastructures and Digital Modernization to solve the state of the venues that need urgent intervention, as the union’s prevention delegates have already denounced before the corresponding Health and Safety Committee in the province, warning of the risks for the safety and health of both workers and citizens.

According to the analysis of the union at the regional level, which has detected up to twenty black dots, Malaga is the Andalusian province in which The judicial headquarters are in a worse state, especially those in municipalities on the Costa del Sol.

A) Yes, There are three venues in Fuengirola and they are all in a sorry state: one of them is on a septic tank, which causes unbearable odors and mosquito plagues in summer, and in another there are leaks of fecal water. In all cases, lack of space and overcrowding is a serious problem, that forces file boxes to be stored in courtrooms and common areas reserved for workers and makes it difficult to care for victims and psychosocial offices.

In Marbella, CSIF has denounced to the Administration the dangerousness of one of the judicial buildings, which is shaped like a chimney, with spiral staircases and a single door, but without fire or panic exit. In this same municipality, the courts of first instance from 1 to 6, the Civil Registry and the notification service are located in a ground floor and two basement floors of a building, suffering a constant problem with rat and cockroach infestation, They also cause unbearable unhealthy odors.

On Estepona, lack of space is a problem in all judicial headquarters. The neighborhood block where the gender violence court is located does not even have a victim service room and the files are stored in the garage. Similarly, in the building that houses the Court of First Instance number 5 and the common service, lack of space is a constant problem, to which leaks are added every time it rains.

At case of the capital, the creation of new organs in the last two years it has already shown that the City of Justice cannot host more courts.

In addition to the overcrowding and accumulation of judicial files in the corridors and common areas of judicial offices, the Headquarters dispersion is a general problem in the province. In this sense, CSIF has demanded the coordination of the Autonomous Administration with the city councils to negotiate assignments, rentals or purchases and tackle that inconvenience now, which causes confusion among citizens.

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