He is one of the most renowned chefs in Europe and its stoves are based in major capitals around the world. However, the Marbella Danny Garcia He has a very special relationship with his hometown, which is also the seat of his particular culinary style and his peculiar proposals. In marbella there are up to five options to try Dani García’s proposals and each of them offers a different and advanced option of a different type of cuisine. The quality of the raw materials, the mixture of styles and the surprising proposals in their dishes are some of the things that these establishments have in common. In addition, Dani García is preparing a new restaurant for Marbella: Bibowhich is already present in Madrid, Tarifa, Doha, Malaga airport, Ibiza and London.


It is a Japanese restaurant that takes the most traditional cuisine of the country of the rising sun and also its customs and sensations. Fish, meat and vegetables are cooked directly on the charcoal using a technique called robatayaki and takes into account some unique details of traditional Japanese establishments: sit in the establishment and let the chef be the one who guides the evening (something called omakase) with the tranquility of someone who can eat without any hurry. Seasonal raw materials, with high quality and proximity products that help enhance the characteristics of this temple of Japanese food and culture. Its menu is varied and extensive and also has a great particularity: the cocktail section. And it is that, from midnight, Kemuri becomes a small clandestine bar where you can enjoy a good selection of cocktails, wines and bear goken, a selection of cocktails inspired by the five legendary Japanese swords that came down from heaven. An experience thought out in detail in the heart of the Costa del Sol.


French cuisine is one of the most influential in the world. The Costa del Sol absorbed his concepts, dishes and innovations in the decades of the boom tourist and even today is part of the training of chefs in hotel schools and around the world. Dani García takes these sources to make his proposal in Babette with the experience and knowledge acquired over the years. The result is a menu that is surprising, colourful, special and with the best raw materials. An option to enjoy French cuisine and forms at the table, in which the recipes are well-known but the execution has a point of freshness and daring that only the head of the Marbella chef can give it.


It is the trip to the crafts and universe of Italian flavors that the Spanish chef proposes in his locality. In a careful environment that provides the most characteristic smells and forms of the Mediterranean country, give the entrance to the last detail. It is a very careful place in which the kitchen is completely handmade and is capable of providing diners with the most classic recipes of Italian cuisine with the best ingredients. Fresh, artisanal, with a wood oven and a menu that does not miss anything from the most select kitchens of Italy, in which desserts and wines also have a luxury treatment. An option to enjoy fresh ingredients, natural flavors and Mediterranean cuisine with an Italian accent.


The Leña restaurant, which also has a headquarters in Madrid and aims to open more in places like Dubai or Miami, is one of Dani García’s most recognized bets. The culinary bet has meat as the protagonist and a way of cooking it on the grill with respect for the characteristics of each piece and love for details such as the type of firewood or smoked. But those who see a typical grill in this proposal are wrong, pairings of flavors that enhance the best of the products and cosmopolitan details in a very well thought-out menu that has world-famous hamburger recipes. In addition, it has been recognized in 2021 as the most beautiful restaurant in the world at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2021. One of the most acclaimed by food lovers in Marbella.

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It has become a classic. Perhaps because the components that make it up particularly inspire Dani García. It is a place where traditional Spanish Mediterranean cuisine has been reinterpreted by García’s experience and offers a very wide selection of flavors and raw materials, where everyone finds dishes to fall in love with. It also has offices in Madrid and Doha, but the Marbella location (on the Golden Mile of the city of Malaga) has a special light. With a powerful menu, the corner of it dedicated to tuna is a real find for lovers of this type of meat. A restaurant that calls itself “A bar resalao” and flaunts his slogan.

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