The Operational Directorate of the Infoca Plan has decreed at 05.35 am today sunday preventive eviction of the municipality of Jubrique (Málaga). The evacuation is taking place, with the maximum security measures and in advance before a possible unfavorable evolution of the Sierra Bermeja fire in that sector.

The actions have been reported and coordinated at all times with the mayor of the municipality. The operation in charge of carrying out the evacuation is made up of the Civil Guard, the National Police Corps, the Provincial Consortium of Firefighters of Malaga and units of the Public Health Emergencies Company (EPES). The eviction is taking place in an orderly manner with buses and three adapted vehicles with more than a dozen places for people with reduced mobility. The head of the Andalusian Civil Protection service, is in the area coordinating the Evacuation plan which also has the support of the local volunteer groups from Yunquera, Ronda, Algatocín, Moclinejo, Teba and Canillas del Aceitunoas well as with Red Cross. It has also been activated to the Group for Psychological Intervention in Emergencies and Disasters (GIPED) of the College of Psychologists of Eastern Andalusia.

The evacuees are being transferred to different shelter points in Algatocín, following a priority route with the control, security and surveillance of the Civil Traffic Guard, along the MA-8305 road. The operation also plans to move people to Ronda.

Meeting point and hostel areas

The municipal cooperative of Algatocín with services and an area of ​​4,000 square meters has been established as the meeting point for the affiliation of displaced people. It also has other locations such as the Youth Hall with capacity for 70 people, the Nave de los Hoyos (50), the municipal gym (20), Sports Center (20), adult school (20), home of the retired (20), young local (20) and the municipal library (30). Other sites are also planned in Ronda.

From the Forward Command Post, the Red Cross Immediate Response Team has been requested to deploy 400 beds to be distributed among the different shelters, the same amount of hygiene and anticovid kits, in addition to supplies for the sheltered.

Jubrique has a census of 523 people, which once registered, will be added to the 1,070 who remain outside their homes in the areas of Forest Hill and Abejeras (750 people), the scattered housing environment of Peñas Blancas on the MA-8301 road (37), Charca de la Extranjera (12), Huerta Padrón (60), Castor river (5), Charca de las Nutrias (5), Velerín river (65) and the Quiñones area (40) in Estepona, as well as the Montemayor urbanization in Benahavís (80) and Charco Azul area (16) in Jubrique.

It should be remembered that the forest fire extinguishing device of the Infoca Plan maintains 350 personnel deployed, including ground personnel, 20 firefighting vehicles, three Bulldozzers, a Mobile Meteorology and Transmissions Unit (UMMT), the Unit for Analysis and Monitoring of Forest Fires (UNASIF), ten operations technicians, three extinguishing technicians. With the departure, 41 air assets will once again operate (FOCAS, heavy helicopters, ALFAS, medium and light helicopters and a coordination aircraft).

The Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge has contributed two BRIFs made up of 43 extinction professionals and 16 aerial means. There are also four Zapatones planes from Castilla La Mancha.

To all of them must be added 15 specialists from Emergencies 112 Andalusia (112, Emergency Group of Andalusia – GREA- and Civil Protection). It should be noted that the General Directorate of Emergencies and Civil Protection maintains the Forest Fires monitoring group operating with personnel from Communication, Operations, Management and Data Exploitation and technical advice on Emergency Management. Civil Guard agents (32), the Malaga Provincial Firefighters Consortium (20), the National Police Unit attached to the Community (6) and the National Police Corps (16), the Public Emergency Company also work in the area. Sanitarias EPES (3), as well as Civil Protection of Estepona (14) and volunteer groups of Civil Protection of Civil Protection of Ronda and Algatocín (4).

The MA-8302 road is still closed to road traffic at kilometer 15 and the MA-8301 is cut off at kilometer 1 and 25, as well as the Camino de la Malagueña at its access. The operation emphasizes that it is important to avoid unnecessary travel in the areas closest to the fire and evacuation areas.

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