Diego Torres made the Starlite Catalana Occidente Auditorium vibrate this Friday, in Marbella (Málaga), in a concert with which he celebrated his 30 years in music with a review to the songs that over the years have filled their fans with joy and optimism.

The Argentine artist showed that he is one of the great musical exponents with nuanced fusion themes that have taken him to number 1 on the music charts around the world.

Already on stage, the Argentine singer, composer, author, musician and actor, offered a selection with the best of his repertoire, worked with talent and dedication during his 30 years of musical career and that have led him to sell more than 20 million records worldwide.

He opened the show with the theme ‘dreams’, a shot of energy to open a concert flooded with good vibes. After that, they could not miss the most recognized hits of his career, those that have led him to tour around the world and spread the humanitarian cause that he defends so much through various institutions. Thus, ‘Trying to be better’, ‘Penélope’, ‘You’ or ‘Amanece’ were some of the most applauded and sung loudly of the entire evening.

‘Hope color’the title that made him jump to absolute fame in Spain, set the Auditorium on its feet, which sang, danced and gave thanks for a song that spreads so much excitement in difficult times.

With all this, Torres displayed his masterful style mergers: rock, reggae, pop and ballads, to show that rhythms know no limitations or borders.

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