The PSOE of Casares and Radio Casares, a municipal public media outlet, have been involved in a dialectical dispute today. It all began as a result of a statement from the Socialists, who accused the municipal radio of not echoing the information they send, and shortly afterwards the public entity replied, which has limited itself to giving an extensive list of all the interventions of the socialist municipal group in the middle.

The explanation seems simple, Casareña radio echoes everything that happens in the municipality at a social, sports and institutional level. In this last plot is the one that enters the members of the different municipal groups. On the other hand, they do not collect communiqués from any political party, either from the corporation or from the opposition. A common methodology in the public media, in order to preserve its impartiality.

The statement of the PSOE of Casares

José Antonio Muñoz Pineda and Laura Ocaña Reyes, councilors of the PSOE of Casares, denounced that the social networks and the website of the municipal radio do not echo the news that the socialist municipal group has sent them. In recent months, they have denounced the abandonment of the Sotocolorado homes in Secadero, of the people who are waiting for help from the agency, and the current state of the Doña Julia and Casares Costa sports facilities. None of this information has been covered by the municipal radio station2.

In the words of the socialist spokesman in the city council, Muñoz Pineda, “the information sent by the socialist councilors is being censored, both on social networks and on the web, while all the news of the United Left government and its political party are published. The municipal radio cannot be at the service of the municipal government, being a public medium paid for with the money of all the neighbors”.

Laura Ocaña has declared that “the municipal radio cannot be exclusively at the service of the government, since it violates one of the fundamental rights. You must respect political pluralism on all the platforms you use as a basic principle of publicly owned media. Radio Casares must guarantee access and participation to all representative political groups so that they can exercise their right to freedom of expression and contribute to shaping a free and plural public opinion”.

Both councilors have announced that they are going to present a motion before the plenary session to demand that political pluralism be guaranteed on all the platforms of the Casares municipal radio.

Response from Radio Casares

For its part, Radio Casares has demanded a public rectification from the PSOE of Casares for “slander issued against the public media”, after publishing on its own website a report with various publications in which, in recent months, the members appear. of the socialist municipal group in Casares.

As stated in the public entity’s statement, “from the municipal radio station a dossier is made public with all the notes of this party published on the radio and on the web, including statements by its spokesperson in most of them.”

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