The National Police has dismantled a criminal organization based in Marbella, dedicated to drug trafficking and extortion. The investigation has resulted in the arrest of four people, three of Swedish origin and the other of Irish origin, for their alleged involvement in crimes of extortion, drug trafficking, illegal possession of weapons, explosives and ammunition, attack by a law enforcement officer and belonging to a criminal group. The members of this gang demanded large sums of money through threats and coercion from the victims and their families.

Last day 11 members of this network carried out several shots at the facade of the damaged owner’s premises, place where two of them were intercepted and detained, showing strong resistance at the time of the arrests. Subsequently, a house search was carried out where the investigators arrested two other components of the organization.

The police investigations began at the beginning of September, when the agents learned of the presence of this criminal structure in the town of Marbella. The agents found out that, presumably, he was extorting the person in charge of a business. The victim allegedly received a visit from several members of the network demanding one million Swedish crowns from him, threatening to burn down his business or kill him and his family if he did not pay within 48 hours.

During the development of this operation, at dawn on September 11, several shots were fired at the facade of the business of the extortion victim. When the agents arrived at the scene, they located in the vicinity two people who were arrested as allegedly responsible for the events, two men of Swedish nationality.

Subsequently, a search was carried out in which the agents located and detained two other members of this network -one of Swedish nationality and the other of Irish origin-, and they intervened effects, a narcotic substance and various ammunition.

As a consequence of the operational exploitation of the investigation, the National Police have arrested a total of four people, members of this criminal organization, and have carried out a judicial entry and search procedure at a home. The agents have managed to intervene documentation, 978 grams of hashish, computer equipment and eight 7.65mm caliber cartridges –Equal to those hit in the attack on the premises that could show the extortionary activity of this criminal group.

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