Agents of the National Police, within the framework of the operation Norberto against medium-scale drug trafficking, they have dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to marijuana trafficking. The police device has culminated in the arrest of three people – with ages ranging from 41 to 52 years, two of Spanish nationality and one Moroccan – of them for their alleged involvement in the crimes of belonging to a criminal organization and all for an alleged crime of drug trafficking. The operation has been carried out with the practice of two house searches where 27 kilograms of hashish acorns, 14 kilograms of hashish and 1.5 kilograms of marijuana have been intervened. This investigation has allowed, in addition to the arrests, the apprehension of 283 kilograms of hashish hidden in the three intercepted vehicles, the intervention, among other effects, of

Initiation and development of the investigation

The investigations began in January, after the agents intercepted a high-end vehicle in Marbella with 139 kilograms of hashish. From that moment an investigation began that ended, days ago, with the dismantling of a criminal network and the arrest of three of its members.

In the course of this operation, the agents again intercepted another vehicle – related to the previous one – loaded with 50 kilograms of hashish in La Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz), on this occasion, the two occupants were arrested. as alleged perpetrators of a drug trafficking crime.

The inquiries carried out allowed the agents to verify that the owner of the vehicles intercepted “by chance” had denounced their theft, when everything indicated that this complainant would really be responsible for the network.

After intense surveillance, they managed to focus and fully identify the investigated and another component of the group. In addition, the agents learned that they had made several shipments of hashish from Cártama (Malaga) to Barcelona that were not detected.

Arrested in Lorca with 94 kilograms of hashish

After the procedures carried out, on September 7, agents of the UDYCO of Marbella (Málaga) and Lorca (Murcia) learned of a possible drug transport, thus establishing a surveillance device that located two of the investigated vehicles on the road , giving them the police stop in the town of Lorca. One of the vehicles would have been tampered with, presenting a double bottom in its cabin where they found 94 kilograms of hashish hidden. At that time, both drivers were arrested as allegedly responsible for a crime of drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal group.

The Court of Instruction Number Two of Marbella authorized the entry and search of the homes of those arrested by judicial order. There, the agents arrested a woman as allegedly responsible for a drug trafficking crime and intervened 27 kilograms of hashish acorns, 14 kilograms of hashish and 1.5 kilograms of marijuana.

This operation carried out by agents of the UDYCO of Marbella, with the collaboration of Lorca (Murcia) has culminated in the dismantling of a criminal group dedicated to drug trafficking and the arrest of three people, two men and a woman.

Those arrested have been placed at the disposal of the competent judicial authority, which has ordered the imprisonment of two of the detainees.

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