They ended up taking out cheers after having starred in confrontation with a client. At least two doormen from a nightclub in Puerto Banús made use of these defenses, a weapon that can only be used law enforcement officers in the performance of their duties and uniformed guardsin addition to officials of penitentiary institutions.

It all happened last Saturday night with a party room located in Antonio Banderas square. Sources close to the case have explained to this newspaper that the brawl began inside the premises. There, for reasons that are being investigated, a client allegedly punched to one of the goalkeepers. After that, he was expelled. But the disagreement continued in the surroundings. Two local police officers acted so that the fight did not escalate and took the individual away from the disco.

The tension was palpable in the environment, with multitude of witnesses watching what happened. One of them videotaped part of the scene, which shows the moment in which two goalkeepers display a defense with characteristics similar to those usually carried by the Police and they start to shake. There is no record of any injuries.

It should be remembered, according to sources familiar with the case, that these workers exercise access controllers, that is, they are professionals who are in charge of auxiliary service tasks. But, in no case, may they use extensible defenses, unlike security guards, who are equipped with these weapons, as stated in the Private Security regulations.

For now, It has not been disclosed whether measures have been taken against the goalkeepers who were involved in the event to punish their behavior. The same sources consulted have detailed that no arrests were made.

It was not a quiet night for the emergency services. That morning, when the Reggaeton Beach Festival, 112 Andalucía received several notices for registered fights at the doors of nightclubs in the Marbella municipality, although he was not aware that anyone had been injured.

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