A boat with four drug traffickers aboard reached the shore of the Las Cañas Beach, in Cabopino, Marbella, Yesterday, Monday, August 16, in broad daylight.

The video, provided by a citizen who was enjoying a quiet day at the beach with his family, shows how drug traffickers are preparing to unload the bales of illegal narcotics that they carried in the small maritime vehicle.

According to the individual who recorded the unexpected scene, the landing It took place on the Marbella beach De Las Cañas, specifically in front of the Chiringuito Triana Marbella. You can hear how, the different passers-by who witnessed the curious moment, try to To call the police.

Meanwhile, two of the drug traffickers, once they have got off the boat, carry various bales to shore, avoiding the presence of bathers and acting fast.

For now, details of the origin of shipment or of denouement of the frantic scene maritimeWe will continue to update here, in the Costa del Sol Area Newspaper.

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