The National Policein collaboration with the Local Police of Marbella (Málaga), have inspected two local of leisure in Puerto Banús framed within the Strategic Plan of Police Response to the consumption and retail drug trafficking in leisure areas in the town.

In this operation organized by a hundred agents A total of 75 people have been identified, of which 12 were denounced for possession of narcotic substances. Within its area of ​​competence, the Local Police issued a report for excess capacity and another for lacking civil liability insurance and an opening license.

On June 19 in Puerto Banús two records were made in discos of the area and a dozen acts were issued to twelve people for possession of narcotic substancesresulting in all of them denounced under LO 4/2015.

In addition, the Local Police issued a report for excess capacity in one of the premises that had authorization for 200 attendees and at the time of the inspection More than 500 people were counted inside. In it another place another file was opened for lack of health insurance civil liability and opening license.

The National Police of Marbella has been carrying out, over the years, different intensification phases of the Strategic Plan for Police Response to Drug Consumption and Retail Trafficking, some around schools and others in areas, places and entertainment venues. Are performances are intended to pursue the sale and consumption of this type of substance, especially among youth.

This Plan was launched more than 15 years ago, after carrying out a analysis of the situation regarding the fight against drugs in spain and verify that, repeatedly, it occurred in concentration phenomenon of consumer activities in certain leisure and recreation areas. It has remained active over the years and with positive results from your app.

They are also increasing police presence uniformed in nightlife areas and places of concentration of young people, and, in collaboration with the Local Police Corps, are carrying out vehicle controls to prevent driving under the influence of alcohol or toxic drugs.

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