The Department of the Environment of the Casares City Council continues to work on the development of a Municipal Plan for Climate Change with the aim of making a more sustainable municipality by reducing CO2 emissions, saving energy and increasing the use of renewable energies.

After a first meeting with technical and political staff of the City Council, the Councilor for the Environment, Noelia Rodríguez, has held a new meeting with local groups with the intention that they contribute their vision of the municipality to be able to make a tailored plan for Casares, ” that it is realistic and useful for the citizens of the municipality and that it can be put into practice ”’.

The Municipal Plan Against Climate Change, which is prepared with the support of the consulting firm Green Globe, aims to offer a practical roadmap that reflects the actions, objectives, timeframes and budget that are going to be carried out to make Casares a more sustainable municipality.

The Casares City Council wants to anticipate the 2030 deadline set by the JJAA to reaffirm its commitment to sustainability. At this time, the City Council is attached to the Covenant of mayors for the environment, committing itself to the achievement of specific objectives. As Noelia Rodríguez, Councilor for the Environment, points out, steps have already been taken such as changing the entire public luminaire for Led lights: “Now we want to be more ambitious and reach the commitment of reduce polluting gas emissions by 40%, for which everyone’s involvement is needed ”.

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