The Malaga Federation of environmentalists in Action has demanded the prohibition to develop the land affected by the fire in the Sierra de Mijas that has been controlled this Monday, four days after originating and after burning almost 1,900 hectares of said municipality, of Alhaurín de la Torre and Alhaurín el Grande.

“The area is one of the areas of greatest urban pressure in Malaga and the urbanization of these lands would cause irreversible damage”, they have indicated from the group through a statement.

They have also advised that “in the early years, the human transit through the burned areato prevent the crust formed on the ground by the fire from breaking, which currently offers minimal protection against soil erosion”.

The federation has insisted that “if the mountain range had been cataloged with the figure of natural park protectionthe same thing we were talking about another figure”, since, they have pointed out, “it would have had a protection and management plan, something that at the moment it does not have”.

For the environmental group, an enclave like Sierra Mijas“with such great urban and social pressure, it cannot be without a forest management plan”.

That’s why, from Ecologists in Action They have indicated that “more than ever” they will continue “fighting, working and requesting that Sierra Mijas and Alpujata be declared a natural park and put all the means to protect the coastal mountains of the Algarbía of Malaga”.

Regarding the authorship, pointing out that, “according to the first investigations of the Forest Fire Investigation Brigade (BIIF), dependent on the Infoca Plan, the hand of man is behind this mess that has charred the heart of Sierra Mijas”, the environmental organization demands that “they reach the end and purge responsibilities”.

On the other hand, the group indicates that the self-healing capacity of the saw “is very important” and that the repopulation of trees and scrub will occur “naturally, time and sufficient tranquility are required for the damaged ecosystems to return to what they were.” For this reason, they have asked “both the citizens and the Administration to calm down in reference to the declarations of some mayors of the affected area who immediately ask for a repopulation”.

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