Eight people have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the kidnapping of a man in Mijas, who was shot in the arm when he tried to run away. The events took place on January 12, when the Civil Guard was alerted that three people who were traveling in a vehicle got out of it and beat up another individual on a street in La Cala de Mijas, who was later taken into custody. the car, before leaving the area at high speed.

The agents began an investigation and a few hours later an individual with the same physical characteristics was found in Manilva with multiple bruises in your body and a gunshot wound to the armas reported this Friday by the Civil Guard in a statement.

The man was admitted to a hospital, where had to undergo surgery as a result of his serious injuries.

The victim’s statement has corroborated the first information received, and it has been confirmed that his captors demanded the payment of 100,000 euros as an essential condition for his release and that at one point he was able to flee and that was when he was shot.

The investigators located the house in Manilva where the kidnapping and found evidence of the crimes committed, including the projectile fired at the victim. From that moment began a phase of identification of the people who had been involved in this event, who are part of a supposed criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking.

The arrests have occurred in the Malaga towns of Mijas, Benalmadena and Fuengirola, and also in Algeciras and Madrid. In the records, the Civil Guard has intervened an ammunition firearm whose caliber coincided with the projectile intervened in the Manilva house, 100,000 euros in counterfeit bills and a scanner for the detection of electronic devices.

The counterfeit money found constituted payment for a possible Frustrated drug transaction between the perpetrators and the victimwhich is why the former required the victim to pay 100,000 euros as a requirement for his release.

The eight detainees are considered perpetrators of the alleged crimes of belonging to a criminal organization, illegal detention, injuries and illegal possession of weapons.

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