The National Police has clarified during the month of March in marbella nearly thirty vehicle thefts and has arrested eight people as allegedly responsible for them.

The detainees, who acted in the zone of The Albarizas, subtracted the effects found inside the cars. The agents have recovered items from these robberies, such as glasses, clothing, skateboards and fractional coins, among other effects.

The investigation began as a result of the commission of several robberies inside vehicles, perpetrated in the same area of ​​Marbella, through the same modus operandi. The judicial police group developed a device to locate those responsible and prevent these events that culminated in the clarification of 28 steals inside vehicles and arrest of eight men involved in them.

During the investigations, the agents were able to determine that these events occurred in the vicinity of Las Albarizas and that the alleged perpetrators were related to the environment of people polydrug addictsas specified in a statement.

The perpetrators accessed the interior of parked vehicles, breaking the windows or access roads, to steal their loot, mainly personal effects of the owners, such as glasses, clothing and fractional coins. In addition, it so happens that two of the eight arrested for crimes against property have been arrested up to three times in the same month for similar thefts.

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