The Civil Guard has dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to grow marijuana in two houses Mijas and Pizarra.

The research, called operation Boquete, began in Mijas when the civil guards became aware of the existence of an independent house in the town that was being used to grow marijuana. In this house they had several floors of the building dedicated to the production of marijuana and in it plants were found in different growth phases in order to guarantee several harvests throughout the year.

East laboratory was being guarded by an elderly person and of limited economic resources whose mission was to supervise and maintain the plantation, at the same time that he carried out surveillance tasks.

After the steps taken, it was learned that this criminal group owned another laboratory ‘indoor’ (inside) of marijuana in a single-family home in a residential complex in the town of Boardowned by the ringleader of this network.

This criminal group, members of the same family clan, had another house in the neighborhood of La Palmilla in Malaga capital where they lived and where they hid the money obtained from the sale of the drug they cultivated, they have indicated from the Civil Guard in a statement.

As a consequence of the operation, the dcare of seven people of Spanish nationality and one of German nationality, between 74 and 18 years old, for the alleged commission of crimes against public health, and belonging to a criminal organization.

In the searches carried out in the dwellings, seized 3,795 marijuana plants and 3.79 kilos of buds of this same drug, 26,590 euros in cash and abundant material related to the cultivation of this type of drug. The operation has been carried out by agents belonging to the Mijas Main Post.

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