The secretary of the PSOE of Estepona, Emma Molina, will present her candidacy for mayor of Estepona ahead of the municipal elections of May 2023. To do this, she will present her candidacy to the organizing committee, next September 19.

Despite the hard work of the opposition in a council with an absolute majority of the PP, Molina faces this candidacy with optimism and enthusiasm. “Far from demoralizing me, my work in the opposition is giving me the opportunity to propose management models based on the public, more supportive and
accountable,” says the secretary.

Proof of this are the numerous motions presented by the PSOE of Estepona to improve the daily life of citizens and which, systematically, are rejected by an authoritarian government team, which manages with its back to the people of Estepona.

Thus, Molina will propose a program based on the recovery of public services and the management of municipal resources for the benefit of citizens, and not businessmen or external companies. For this, it will review the concession of cleaning services, gardens, home help, facilities
sports, water or public transport.

“All these services are deficient in the municipality and present serious shortcomings despite their privatization. For this reason, it will be necessary to review the conditions of the contracts and force these companies to comply, to rescue the concessions or even to municipalize these services again, ”he advances.
Transfers of assets and municipal land will also be reviewed, preventing private companies from profiting from municipal resources. Of course, the original project of the Nadal Heritage will be retaken, so that, through agreements with the University of Malaga, extensions of the UMA can be installed in the municipality.

One of the proposals of the future socialist candidate will be to restore traffic on Avenida España and design a sustainable mobility plan, which combines the flow of traffic, with effective public transport that covers the entire municipal area and is free for those registered.

Molina’s candidacy will try to respond to one of the major problems of the municipality: housing. “The rents have skyrocketed, the PP has opted for luxury residences and has forgotten the residents, especially the youngest, who have serious difficulties in accessing a home in
Estepona”, he laments.

Faced with the city model proposed by the PP, with aggressive tourism, in which the well-being of visitors comes before that of residents; The PSOE city project will seek a balance between the quality of life of Estepona and tourism that respects the natural environment and the entity of Estepona.
Dialogue will be the pillar of Emma Molina’s management in the face of totalitarianism and the fear imposed by García Urbano. “If we are learning something from the current mayor, it is what we do not have to do. Governing behind the citizens. You have to listen to the demands of the neighbors and attend to their needs,
paying special attention to the most vulnerable groups”, he concluded.

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