The City Council continues to make improvements to the Manilva Beaches Ecological Reserve. The Councilor for the Environment, Laura López, paid a visit this morning to monitor the second phase of the work being carried out in the section located between Garito de Juan and Arroyo Martagina. Some tasks that have had different phases; a first in which a sterile aggregate has been added to the area, and the second, compaction with a roll of this material.

According to the City Council, it will have a third phase after the summer season when, after the first rains, a new compaction of this 900-meter stretch will be carried out.

«This action was very necessary due to the poor condition of the area with lots of potholes that hindered the normal transit of both bicycles and pedestrians, and that was aggravated by the rains with the formation of large puddles in an area that was heavily trafficked by residents and visitors, “said the councilor.

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