Estepona City Council has launched a information campaignthrough the Telecare Service, to make users and their caregivers aware of the measures to adopt to prevent serious consequences derived from high temperatures, as reported this Friday.

From the Consistory they have highlighted that this sector of the population is especially vulnerable to intense heat that takes place in the summer months, and for this reason the importance of starting up initiatives that have as objective the well-being of the elderly or dependent.

The telecare service assistants are in charge of training and sensitizing users, and especially their caregivers, so that they apply the recommendations that in case of high temperatures they can avoid any health risk of dependent people.

Thus, they are informed tips to follow in the face of excess heat such as drinking water and fruit juices, avoiding hot foods and alcoholic beverages, and dressing in light clothing, among others. In house should be kept in the coolest spaces, lower the blinds and awnings during sunny hours, try not to use devices that produce heat and at dusk open the windows and blinds. It is also advisable to cool down continuously, as well as the environment with fans or air conditioning.

In the case of having to go outside, it is recommended wear a hat, sunglasses and a fan, use sunscreen, seek shade and rest frequently. Should be avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, carry out activities outside from 12:00 to 17:00 and transports full and without air conditioning.

In addition, if users have health problems, they are reminded to continue taking your medication and do not self-medicate, and if you suffer from any risk disease, you should consult your doctor about the additional measures you should take. If the person feels unwell, they are advised stop the activity you are doingtry to locate yourself in a cool place and ask for help through your telecare service.

Finally, from this service users are advised to always carry with them, even in the showerthe medallion that is provided for emergenciesyes, they should use if they feel very thirst, dry mucous membranes and skin, decreased urination and constipationsevere headache, hot, red, dry skin, body temperature that is too low or too high, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, or weakness.

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