The City Council of Estepona has agreed with unions municipal staff stabilization processin application of European regulations for the reduction of temporary employment in public employment and in compliance with the provisions of Law 20/2021 of December 28, while the Central Independent Trade Union and Civil Servants (CSIF) has announced that will take legal action.

Also, in said negotiation with the unions have agreed on a schedule to eliminate the duplication of salary tables in the City Council and originated by the existence of municipal companies for the hiring of personnel. In this sense, it should be remembered that this company structure was eliminated in 2011.

With this homogenization of the salary table one of the main aspirations of the staff is fulfilled and it is possible after the PP government team has spent years redirecting the “dire” economic situation in which the Estepona City Council found itself in June 2011, after years of socialist governments.

It should be remembered that the PSOE placed the cost of the municipal workforce at 110% of municipal incomeso that the City Council did not even have money to pay its employees, generating aunsustainable situation for the provision of public services and causing systematic non-payments to companies and suppliers.

Also, it should be noted that the hiring procedures launched by the PP government team since 2011 are based on the principles of equality, merit and ability. An example of this is the call for places for the Local Police.

For its part, the CSIF union has criticized the fact that yesterday, Thursday, the Consistory signed with the UGT and CCOO unions “initiate two administrative files of wage increases that in some cases exceed 10 thousand euros per year”, which “currently lack the mandatory legal and economic reports and that they will have to be controlled by the auditor and the secretary”.

In this way, the union has highlighted that they have benefited from this increase “the local police chiefthat of Human Resources, the person in charge of the legal defense of the ERE, the person in charge of the union section of UGT and part of the group of municipal lawyers”.

“CSIF, as the majority union among civil servants, condemns and announces legal actions against what it considers to be a poorly concealed reward and payment for services and favorscooked behind the scenes by CCOO, UGT and the PP”.

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