The City Council of Estepona and the housing developer Aedas Homes have summoned the International Urban Art Competition Estepona-Garden of the Costa del Sol, whose objective will be a sustainable artistic intervention applied to the pavement in the surroundings of the new and future town hall building.

With this contest, the first mural ‘Ground Eco-Painting’ in the municipality, since the winning work will be made on the pavement and must establish a plastic link with the architecture of the new Estepona City Hall building and its urban environment, using the ground as a place of creation.

The work can be transited and traversed freely as provided by the approach that the artist designs. This pictorial representation It may be supplemented with graphic claim and/or explanatory elements at the access points to the ramps that will lead to the action area. In this way, the future public square that will house the mural will become a space for social aggregation, and at the same time playful and educational.

The contest will award a economic prize of 12,000 euros to the winning artistwho will execute his work on the pavement, and three recognized mentions with 1,500 euros each. Creators interested in participating must complete the form that can be found on the municipal website Proposals must be sent before next May 30.

The theme will be free and will be inspired by the challenges proposed by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the 2030 Agenda. From this context, artists will be able to freely focus their proposals on the importance of public space, the environment, the common, peace, inclusion, hospitality, innovation, tolerance, care, health , alliances or the playful.

For Estepona City Council this international competition contributes to giving visibility to the city as a benchmark in urban art and highlights that the collaboration with AEDAS Homes adds to the different initiatives that have been promoted since 2012 to make Estepona a more habitable and sustainable city.

“This creative action will have an activating and transforming character of the public space. It will measure the aesthetic experience and the behavior of the users, inviting the viewer to explore it from different points of view, transforming their perception of the landscape and placing this new space on the cultural map of the city“, they have added from the Consistory.

This contest is the third project of the cultural strategy ConLasArtes by AEDAS Homesa unique initiative in the real estate sector and with which the company demonstrates its corporate commitment to arts and culture and its support for artists from all over Spain and the artistic community in general.

The call in this town in Malaga is aimed at urban artists who promote sustainability, who will choose to have their work is reflected in the context of the new municipal headquarters that the City Council will inaugurate in the coming months: a building that will be an icon in the city, innovative and open to the public.

The Director of Architecture of AEDAS Homes, José María G. Romojarohas pointed out that with this new initiative “we continue bringing art and culture to the cities, its neighborhoods and its buildings, also the institutional ones”. “Furthermore, this international competition serves as an impetus to continue positioning Estepona on the world cultural map while offering artists a new form of urban art based on landscaping , architecture and the environment”, Romojaro remarked.

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