The City Council of Estepona collaborates with the Malaga Press Association (APM) in the development of the second edition of his project of media literacy for seniors ‘Press without age’, an initiative that aims to aim to reduce the digital divide and favor the critical interpretation of the media, as announced on Monday by the mayor, José María García Urbano.

This has been highlighted by the councilor in the inauguration of the workshopswhere he was accompanied by the president of the APM, Elena Blanco Castillo, and the director of CaixaBank of Marbella-Costa del Sol, Carmen González, who will be given by journalists to twenty older people.

The mayor of Estepona has highlighted the value of this initiative for this group, which can be vulnerable to changes introduced by new technologies. Thus, he considered that the information is essential for personal and social developmentTherefore, this educational action has a valuable impact on the elderly.

The president of the APM has highlighted that the media competence of citizens It is essential to face reality and defend everyone’s right to truthful information. “Projects like ‘Press without age’ are necessary to combat the greater vulnerability of the elderly to the effects of disinformationhas indicated.

“In these workshops we try to know how the media works and approach them with a critical attitude, which allows them to spot fake news and the way in which they are produced and disseminated”, he added.

For her part, the director of CaixaBank de Marbella-Costa del Sol highlighted the value of this APM initiative and the way in which it enables social growth of the CaixaBank entity. Likewise, it has transferred its support to the APM to continue promoting this type of initiative because “they contribute to the welfare of the citizens who need it most.

The initiative, directed by the Vice President of Training of the Malaga Press Association, Francisco J. Paniagua and coordinated by the journalist Concha Porcuna, aims to reduce the digital gap, encourage active participation and the use of technologies, trying to create links between different generations. In these workshops, the elderly can be accompanied by a family member or a caregiver who encourages them to participate and helps them at home to review the knowledge acquired.

during the sessions seniors will be trained to use different computer programs and mobile applications to stay informed, make simple transactions through your phone or to create your own communication channels. In addition, it will encourage critical reading of the media in paper and digital format and they will be guided so that they can inform themselves truthfully and differentiate between reliable sources and false news or ‘fake news’.

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