The Plenary of the Corporation of Estepona this Thursday initially approved the Municipal budget for fiscal year 2022. The economic document contemplates income of more than 109 million euros, places expenses at 108 million euros and therefore foresees a surplus of more than 806,000 euros.

The Deputy Mayor of the Economic area, José María Ayala, explained that these are accounts that contemplate the largest investment effort in history of the city so that the City Council continues to be the engine of the local economy, recovery and quality of life.

Thus, the items are established to continue with the projects committed in the electoral program and decisive for the consolidation of the city model developed in the last decade, which “has had such a valuable economic and social impact for Estepona”.

Likewise, he stressed that the budget maintains “rigor, credibility, principles of responsibility and compliance with the regulations that apply to it.” Likewise, he stressed that it is a document with a marked social character, as it characterizes this government team, where the financial amounts linked to aid and social programs for the most vulnerable groups they continue to be ‘expandable items’; that is, they will be unlimited and may be increased according to the needs that occur during the financial year.

In this regard, he indicated that the government team will reinforce the investment character that has marked the management of the last ten years. Specifically, the items for investments productive included in the Budget grow to 22.6 million euros, the highest number recorded in the history of the city.

These are amounts for the creation of a Balcony to the Mediterranean, that is, a wide urban space that will open the city to the sea, creating a new focus of tourist attraction; amounts to complete the works of the new Town Hall building, which will bring together municipal offices and improve the service to citizens and for the Municipal Parking Plan, which includes the work of parking for half a thousand vehicles in the Chess square and the remodeling of this environment.

Likewise, he listed the items for the completion and maintenance of the littoral corridor project which is joining the entire waterfront and for the continuity of the remodeling of the promenade in the section between La Cala-Jacaranda.

Also, resources are allocated for the continuity of the remodeling process and center beautification urban, which already adds more than 130 renovated streets in all its infrastructures and that has meant a before and after in the revitalization of the city through the sustainable development project Estepona, Jardín de la Costa del Sol.

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