The mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, has sent a letter to the Demarcation of Coasts of Mediterranean Andalusia to request that the necessary steps be taken to agree that the City Council be allowed to carry out the projects and the execution of the works necessary for the defense of the coast with the coordination and mandatory authorizations of the central government and supra-municipal entities.

The alderman has explained in the letter that the City Council has the will and has its own means to carry out these necessary actions to protect the coastline in the municipality, which has a length of 22 kilometers of coastline.

Likewise, it has highlighted that this petition is produced because “this matter is a priority for the Consistory and because there is no knowledge on the part of this local entity of the existence of a urgent central government planning to solve this problem”.

In this sense, it is argued that the continuous storms that hit the coast of Malaga have become a periodic threat to the coastal strip, causing numerous problems and Serious damage to public infrastructure and equipment and private; as well as a decrease in the competitiveness of the province as a tourist destination, with the negative impact that this causes to this sector of activity, strategic in the economy of this area and the country.

García Urbano recalled that in the places on the Estepona coast where action has been taken decades ago, with coastal defense work, there are clear stabilization and protection results against storms, as is the case of the central beach of La Rada.

In addition, it has pointed out that with measures in this sense, the problems that these storms cause in the sanitation network or the infrastructures of the coast. Nor should we be demanding regular contributions of sand from the central government, which end up being temporary and ephemeral actions that do not provide a solution to this problem.

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