The mayor of Estepona and vice president of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), José María García Urbano, has asked the body this Wednesday to prepare a report on the impact that inflation is having in the municipal coffers of the municipalities, since together with the huge rise in energy and fuel prices It is going to put many municipalities and provinces on the ropes.

This has been stated in the course of the Governing Board, in which it has also insisted again on the need to hold a new National Commission of Local Administration (CNAL) in which to address with the Government of Sánchez the “problems that really concern and occupy local entities”.

The alderman has remembered what he does few dates met the CNALbut as García Urbano has explained, in it “we do not address any of the multiple issues that we are having to face local governments since the pandemic began, and about which Sánchez and his government partners are showing absolute contempt and disaffection ”.

The mayor has stressed that these are not the only problems that affect the town councils, emphasizing that it is also necessary to take into account how the capital gains sentence is affecting local estates; the deficit accumulated by public transport services owned by local entities affected by the Covid-19 crisis; wave rising prices of construction materialsamong many other issues.

In relation to the latter, he pointed out that “it is worrying price review of works contracts that the municipalities are going to have to face and that can generate budgetary tensions for local entities”.

In this way, the rising cost of building materials is forcing recalculate public works projects in order not to lose European funds, assured the mayor, who warned that Spain’s delay in executing the Next Generation funds is going to force many Local Corporations to make adjustments to their budgets.

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