the mayor of EsteponaJosé María García Urbano, has asked the central government this Tuesday for a state plan that addresses the problem posed by the invasive algae on shorelines of Spain and to help municipalities in the removal and treatment of this waste, of which the town collects 20 tons daily.

Thus, the councilor has highlighted that “the municipalities are not going to be able to assume with our resources the eradication of this problem and we need state aid”.

In this way, the also first vice president of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) has announced that it is going to ask this body to support said state plan to help coastal municipalities tackle this serious problem.

In this regard, he has indicated that the presence of this invasive algae in the coastline has become a threat to the image of our beaches and for tourism“a strategic economic sector on the Costa del Sol and in the country”.

In the case of the municipality of Estepona, the mayor has indicated that 20 tons of algae are collected daily, which has led to significant technical and economic efforts for the removal and treatment of this waste. Specifically, the Consistory has had to allocate a additional financial item to deal with these tasks, which this year represent an additional cost of one million euros.

In relation to the situation of the coast, it should be remembered that the alderman has already asked the central government to act against another of the coastal problems: storms. In this sense, he requested that they carry out urgent works for the defense of the coast or that, given the inaction of the central Administration, the municipalities that so wish may temporarily assume the powers in this matter.

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