The city of Estepona, one of the eight municipalities affected by the fire declared on September 8 in Sierra Bermeja, has distinguished with the Gold Medal for Police Merit posthumously to the deceased firefighter during extinction work, Carlos Martinez Haro.

In an institutional act this Wednesday in the Malaga municipality, the father of the firefighter who lost his life trying to put out a fire that destroyed almost 10,000 hectares of mountains, has received the decoration from the mayor of the town, José María García Urbano.

With the Gold Medal for Police Merit “Estepona wants to show its respect and deep gratitude towards this forest firefighter for his dedication and public service ”, the mayor highlighted in a statement sent from the council, where he assured that this city“ will always remember him ”.

During the act, held within the framework of the Local Police Day, he was decorated with the Police Merit Medal with white badge to Infoca troops “For his enormous effort and for applying all his experience and knowledge preventing this natural disaster from causing greater damage to the affected municipalities,” reads the aforementioned statement.

With this same distinction, the Military Emergency Unit (UME), of which “their indispensable support and their ability to coordinate” have been valued, and the Provincial Firefighters Consortium of Malaga for “safeguarding the integrity and properties of the affected neighbors.”

Along with the above, the Chief of the Marbella Civil Guard, Captain Alonso Gómez Ocón; the commissioner of the National Police Corps Antonio Haro and the officer Luis Manuel Gómez; and the agents of the Local Police José María Guerrero, Natividad Paz, Jesús Adrián Lanzat, Francisco Javier Vera and Roberto Doña.

The councilor has shown his appreciation to all the decorated and has declared that with this act he has wanted to recognize those who “contribute with their service and dedication to a better society” and in a special way, all the security forces and professionals who worked to achieve its extinction.

Garcia Urbano He thanked “their dedication and effort to control the flames” and stressed that they were “an example of collaboration, dedication and expertise worthy of recognition and praise.”

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