The Estepona City Council is carrying out a campaign to remove the processionary caterpillar from the city pines.

The deputy mayor of the External Control and Services area, Blas Ruzafa, has declared that this action is carried out periodically every year due to the damage that this insect can cause both in trees, “Since it seriously damages the foliation and weakens them”, as in people and pets.

In this regard, the municipal official has indicated that the inhalation of the fine hairs of the processionary, where it hides its poison, can cause from hives to allergic reactions in children and adults. In the case of dogs, these can suffer necrosis in the throat and on the tongue in case they ingest the poison carried by these caterpillars.

Thus, to combat this insect, which supposes the first Spanish forest pest, the Consistory will apply a total of 2,500 injections in pines, at a rate of 3 applications per copy, although in the large ones it has even been supplied 5 units. The City Council has focused this action on public parks, in large areas of pine forests, in the vicinity of educational centers and in green areas.

According to the mayor, the preventive treatment that is being carried out is the best strategy against the processionary and key to obtaining the best results.

The application of the products is carried out by endotherapy, an alternative method of phytosanitary treatment of urban trees with low environmental impact, since it does not emit chemicals into the environment. In addition, it can be applied quickly, easily and without investment in machinery, which also saves on water and energy consumption.

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