The Estepona City Council begins the preliminary work for the execution of the works of the second phase of the Comprehensive remodeling project and pedestrianization of the Avenida de Españaa performance that has a budget of 3,718,282 eurosas reported by the mayor, José María García Urbano.

The councilor pointed out that the work will be carried out by the company Grulop 21.SL and will have a estimated period of four months, whose jobs will be developed from Juan Carlos I avenue to Delfín street in a area of ​​15,874 square meters.

With this performance, which has a budget of 3,718,282 euros, the pedestrianization of the old national highway 340 continues, which will become a large landscaped boulevard for the enjoyment of pedestrians. This second phase also includes the Comprehensive remodeling of the promenade section which runs from Calle Delfín to Avenida Juan Carlos I, the mayor has pointed out.

Regarding the pedestrianization work, García Urbano has specified that the City Council is going to carry out a new single platform that will create a unified image of the entire environment. This will be achieved by a sole criterion for paving and generating flowerbeds which in turn follows the material and visual line of the previous redevelopment phase, which runs from Terraza street to Juan Carlos I avenue.

In addition, the works contemplate the improvement of the sanitation network with a new sewage and rainwater collector in accordance with the city’s ‘sewerage master plan’ and will also carry out improvements in the supply networkin the distribution of natural gas, in public lighting and in the irrigation network.

On the other hand, from the City Council they have indicated that although the sidewalk will be used mainly for pedestrian useyou will also have a beaconing for the creation of a bike lane which will provide continuity from the Port area to La Cala, and which will allow road traffic for emergency vehicles. Likewise, in the design of the pavement, special emphasis has been placed on the elimination of architectural barriers to favor an inclusive city.

On the other hand, it will proceed to the renovation of street furniture with modern and more efficient elements, being another objective of this action the revegetation, planting trees and creating gardens in surface areas, following the sustainable city model promoted in the last decade.

The mayor explained that this action will continuity to the execution of the pedestrian boulevard that opens the city to the sea and that will expand the ‘Estepona, Garden of the Costa del Sol’ project, while pointing out that “it is a pioneering initiative that places Estepona at the vanguard of sustainable citieswhich are committed to quality of life, the well-being of citizens, the environment and wide spaces for pedestrians”.

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